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Flight Attendant

Airline customer service studies prepare people for frontline roles in the aviation and wider tourism industry. With a focus on developing outstanding customer service skills, you will learn about the aviation industry, airline operations and the importance of tourism to aviation. You will develop teamwork and communications skills needed for a role in the industry.

Flight attendants make sure that passengers travelling in aeroplanes are safe and comfortable. Being a flight attendant is a challenging role; they are responsible for the safety of all passengers on board and must keep alert during long haul flights. This involves conducting safety checks and educating passengers about safety issues and the evacuation plan. However, they also provide customers with the meals, drinks, pillows and blankets.

Medium_mt233433 Jacqui Chapman
Flight Attendant

Nadi one day, Sydney the next. Even after three years working in the aviation industry, Jacqui Chapman still thinks flying is romantic. As a... read more »