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Fitness instructors may do some or all the following

  • discuss lifestyle and fitness goals with fitness centre members
  • assess members' fitness and body types and design fitness programmes for them
  • design and lead fitness classes
  • explain and demonstrate exercises, weight training or class routines
  • take clients for personal training sessions
  • give advice on nutrition and preventing or recovering from injuries
  • cleaning, reception and clerical duties.

Fitness instructors need to have

  • skill in physical education, aerobics, personal training or testing people's fitness
  • an understanding of anatomy and physiology
  • knowledge of health and fitness, including knowledge of fitness assessment techniques
  • expertise in first aid
  • knowledge of gym equipment and how to operate it correctly
  • an understanding of how to prescribe and demonstrate safe, effective exercises and routines
  • an awareness of basic nutrition principles
  • good communication and people skills
  • problem-solving skills for determining which exercises suit different clients
  • aerobics instructors also need to know about choreography and leading exercise classes
  • personal trainers are often self-employed contractors, so they need sales skills and the ability to develop and maintain their own client base

Fitness instructors need to be

  • patient, friendly and supportive
  • able to lead and motivate others
  • professional and able to make good judgements
  • organised and adaptable.