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Do you remain cool under pressure?

Firefighters educate the public about fire safety and fire prevention, and control and put out fires. They educate the public in fire prevention and check non-residential buildings for compliance with fire safety rules and regulations. They help plan and develop evacuation schemes for non-residential buildings and put out fires and prevent fires from spreading using a hose or portable extinguisher. It is common for them to attend accidents or emergencies such as motor vehicle accidents, chemical spills and chemical fires. They also get called upon to rescue people from buildings, vehicles or aircraft, and conduct search and rescue operations in towns and cities. They may have no work for periods of time and then get called on in the middle of the night, so they need to be ready at all times. They need a high level of health and fitness for their role and they need to be very health and safety conscious, as their work is very hazardous. They need to be level-headed in emergencies and able to think clearly as they may need to make decisions under extreme pressure.