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Depending on what they are editing, film editors may do some or all of the following

  • receive footage from the production department
  • convert all footage onto a disk
  • match pictures with sound
  • view the film with directors, journalists, writers, producers and clients
  • decide on and mark up shots to be cut out or kept
  • link shots into a rough version of the film
  • edit the film to exact final length
  • make sure the film meets with censorship standards
  • supervise the final mix of pictures with sound
  • work on soundtrack, adding any music or special effects
  • add graphics and titles
  • collect or copy the film for a film library.

Film editors need to have

  • editing skills and up-to-date knowledge of editing technology
  • technical skills, including skill using computer editing systems and equipment, and converting taped footage to disk
  • the ability to creatively use pictures and music to tell a story
  • skill in interpreting ideas
  • knowledge of the production process
  • knowledge of how to use special visual and sound effects
  • people and communication skills to work with clients, journalists, writers, producers and directors
  • good planning and organisational ability
  • problem-solving skills
  • basic maths skills.

Film editors need to be

  • creative
  • methodical and well organised, with an eye for detail
  • reliable and responsible
  • tactful and patient
  • confident and motivated
  • adaptable.