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Welding fabrication engineers may do some or all of the following

  • study plans and drawings
  • cut and bend steel or metal parts
  • fit the steel or metal parts
  • make the jigs (of wood or metal) that hold parts in place for welding
  • weld parts together
  • repair and maintain equipment and machinery
  • construct metal objects according to instructions.

Welding fabrication engineers need to have

  • knowledge of metals and their properties
  • knowledge of mechanical fitting
  • knowledge of how to use and care for their equipment
  • understanding of safety procedures
  • welding skills, including an understanding of different welding processes and equipment
  • technical skills for interpreting drawings
  • basic maths skills, especially geometry and the ability to make calculations.

Welding fabrication engineers need to be

  • practical, adaptable and able to make good judgements
  • accurate, with an eye for detail
  • responsible and safety-conscious
  • clean and tidy.