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Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists study the environment, and provide advice to avoid or reduce harmful effects on the environment. Environmental scientists are concerned with protecting the natural environment and its organisms, and protecting the needs of future generations who may be detrimentally affected by environmental abuses.

The role of an environmental scientist varies depending on their employment. For example, an environmental scientist can lecture in universities, educate the public via environmental advocacy programmes, conduct research in a private or public laboratory, or work with the government on developing policies to protect the natural environment. 

Medium_toni_johnston Toni Johnston
Research Associate

The majority of my time is spent collecting biological data, including; monitoring algae, cyanobacteria, fish and water quality in the... read more »

Medium_logo_contact_search Sarah Williams
Environmental Advisor

What did you study when you left high school? After trying landscape architecture and finding I wasn't very good at drawing, I cross... read more »