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Energy auditors may do some or all of the following

  • inspect buildings and other sites and carry out energy surveys/audits
  • develop methods to reduce energy use at businesses and organisations, and help put these methods into practice
  • monitor and review the effectiveness of any energy reduction measures
  • compile reports and/or present findings to clients
  • provide technical and practical advice, and offer training on energy efficiency
  • ensure accurate records are maintained and energy monitoring data is collected regularly
  • meet with and provide technical support to mechanical/electrical design engineers.

Energy auditors need to have

  • knowledge of energy management and renewable energy issues
  • knowledge of how to measure a building's energy use
  • an understanding of the energy/electricity market and pricing
  • knowledge of legislation on energy efficiency and carbon reduction
  • project management skills
  • organisational skills
  • communication and people skills
  • maths skills. 

Energy auditors need to be

  • able to work to strict deadlines
  • able to work well in a team.