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Ecologists study nature and the organisms within nature. They are interested in how plants, animals and other organisms interact with each other and their environment. Ecologists are often also interested in the Earth and ways to try and preserve natural habitats.

Ecologists usually perform research and field studies to investigate the environmental impact of changes upon ecosystems – changes to individual species as well as the ecosystem as a whole. Ecologists use this information to make recommendations, provide reports to companies and the government and contribute to the field of ecology.

Medium_toni_johnston Toni Johnston
Research Associate

The majority of my time is spent collecting biological data, including; monitoring algae, cyanobacteria, fish and water quality in the... read more »

Medium_drew_lohrer_marine_biologist Drew Lohrer
Marine Ecologist

As a boy, Drew Lohrer used to accompany his mother to her work as a volunteer at the oceanographic society. "She would lead groups to study... read more »