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Early Childhood Teacher » Overview

Remember being a kid? It was pretty cool! No responsibilities and you got to play basically all of the time. So why not make childhood an awesome time for the young ones of the next generation by becoming an early childhood teacher. Finger paint and play-
Early Childhood Teacher

Early childhood teachers educate and care for young children in early childhood education services such as kindergartens, kĊhanga reo or education and care centres.

The first five years of life are some of the most important development years. Even playing is part of development, and your role as an early childhood teacher is one of fostering all these games and social interactions into learning opportunities.

Children under five are still extremely dependent on adults, so require a lot of attention and care. Before deciding to become an early childhood teacher, it is probably best to have some time with young children so you can understand how they behave.

Being an early childhood teacher requires a lot of energy and patience, a while it can definitely be fun playing games all day, there is more to the role than just being a friend to the children you look after.  

As for most children this will be the first time they have experienced group social interaction with many others their age, there will be a lot of disagreements between individuals as well as tears and tantrums! But at the end of the day – you can hand them all back to their parents and head home for a well-deserved rest.

Kids can be a lot of fun, and teaching them things they are going to remember for the rest of their lives, as well as forming a solid platform for future learning, is a pretty exciting job to have.

A challenging, busy, high energy role, early childhood teaching can be hard work but extremely rewarding.