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Dispensing Optician » Overview

Dispensing Optician

Dispensing opticians interpret prescriptions from optometrists and ophthalmologists (eye specialists) for optical appliances (glasses or contact lenses), select frame and lens systems, and fit and assemble those appliances. They work in shops or workshops, mainly indoors. They work alongside sales people, optometrists, ophthalmologists and other specialists. In their line of work, they need to be good at dealing with people from all walks of life and be good communicators.

Dispensing opticians work on practical tasks on lenses, frames and other optics, as well as helping customers find suitable products. They may refer people to specialists or offer advice on styles and frame types. They also repair and service existing frames. They deal with suppliers of lenses, solutions, glass and frames and sometimes run their own businesses. They may progress to supervising others or setting up their own shops. They may also move into optometry or complete further study to work in a more specialist field, such as ophthalmology.