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Detectives may do some or all of the following

  • examine the scene of the crime to find evidence
  • interview suspects, witnesses and victims
  • search for and identify offenders
  • arrest suspects
  • execute search warrants to recover property and evidence
  • prepare and give evidence in court
  • obtain and record information about criminals
  • analyse crime data and information
  • train and mentor new detectives.

Detectives need to have

  • knowledge of police procedures, including how to investigate crimes
  • knowledge of police policies and the laws relating to police work
  • knowledge of how the court system works
  • knowledge of a range of cultures
  • good communication and people skills, including interviewing and listening skills
  • conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • skill in analysing information and preparing written and verbal reports
  • record-keeping skills.

Detectives need to be

  • accurate, with an eye for detail
  • adaptable
  • honest
  • able to keep information private
  • mature and responsible
  • firm and fair
  • able to remain calm in emergencies
  • motivated, determined and disciplined
  • able to relate to people from a range of cultures and backgrounds
  • able to work well in a team.