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Detectives investigate crimes and arrest suspected criminals. The bulk of a detective’s work involves investigative work, which often starts at the scene of a crime. However, some detectives specialise in cases that are years old, or ‘cold cases’. Investigative work involves following clues and sequencing events leading up to and following the crime.

Detectives also look for evidence that can lead to the identification and arrest of the perpetrator/s. It is the detective’s job, along with forensic investigators and crime scene technicians, to determine what is and what isn’t evidence. They have to know what could be relevant, as well as the best way to collect the evidence.

When detectives make an arrest or conviction, they may find themselves called to testify in court and provide statements or fact. Statements are often made in person, although they can also be made via written statements.

In order to be a successful detective, you will need to be skilled in logical reasoning. While it’s important for a detective to able to find and collect evidence, they must also be able to piece this evidence together!