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Debt Collector

Debt collectors are professionals who contact people about paying money that they owe. They often work in the collections department of the company that is owed money (if it is a large company), or else in a collection agency employed by the company to recover the overdue funds. People who are seeking unpaid monies are called creditors.

In a certain sense, debt collectors are also mediators. Once they contact the person who owes money (the debtor), they talk to them about why they have not been paying. In some cases, the debtor may dispute the claim, or have a problem with the quality of goods received. In these circumstances the debt collector will refer the person to the creditor’s customer services department.

If the bill is determined to be fair, the debt collector must follow up with the debtor to ensure that the debt is paid. This may involve setting up a manageable payment plan. However, if the debtor continues to miss payments, the debt collector may pursue legal action with the help of a lawyer.

 As you might imagine, the role can be very demanding and you might find yourself dealing with confrontation and people who are unwilling to talk about their debt. Therefore, good debt collectors are patient and friendly, and able to perform well under stress.