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Dancers may do some or all of the following

  • attend dance classes to rehearse movements and learn techniques
  • take responsibility for their personal fitness levels and nutrition
  • exercise daily by doing dance and Pilates classes, for example
  • research and identify what areas of their body are prone to injury, and work to prevent this
  • combine movement with musical accompaniment
  • audition for dance companies and dance roles
  • study and practise the roles
  • complete tasks set by choreographers
  • perform in front of an audience or camera.

Dancers need to have

  • understanding of different dance and drama techniques, and the ability to use them in performance
  • understanding of music and rhythm
  • skill in interpreting ideas into dance
  • performance skills
  • communication skills
  • the ability to memorise dance sequences
  • knowledge of anatomy and how the body works.

Dancers need to be

  • creative
  • motivated and disciplined
  • dedicated to maintaining their health and fitness
  • able to pay attention to detail, as they may be directed to make very small movements
  • punctual and reliable when attending classes, rehearsals and performances.