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Dance teachers may do some or all of the following

  • assess students' dancing ability
  • plan dance programmes
  • explain and demonstrate dance steps and techniques
  • advise students on how to stand and move well, including teaching correct postural alignment and dance techniques to prevent injury
  • help students feel good about themselves and what they are doing
  • research the latest dance trends.

Dance teachers who are involved in dance productions, create dances which they then direct.

Dance teachers need to have

  • dance and teaching skills
  • understanding of music and rhythm
  • creative ability
  • understanding of body posture, movement and anatomy, to avoid injuries
  • the ability to choreograph shows
  • knowledge of dance therapies
  • understanding of child development
  • organisational ability
  • good communication skills
  • research skills for finding out about subjects for new dances.

Dance teachers need to be

  • imaginative
  • energetic and passionate
  • disciplined
  • able to work well under pressure
  • patient
  • supportive, positive and able to lead others.

Dance teachers should also have an eye for detail.