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Curators develop, maintain, research and exhibit collections for museums, art galleries, libraries and historically significant sites. The responsibilities of a professional curator vary. However, they are typically responsible for overseeing the acquisition of new items, conducting research on them and displaying them for public or private viewing. Some curators mays also be responsible for organising and promoting special events relating to an exhibition or collection that they have curated.

In order to be successful in their job, curators need to have extensive knowledge and experience in his or her field of speciality. In fact, it is not uncommon for a curator to dedicate their carer to specific subjects such as art, natural history, engineering, etc. The process of curating involves researching in their field, identifying pieces of interest, finding out where they can be purchased or borrowed from, deciding where and how to display pieces and what information will be provided to visitors about the pieces (signs, programmes, tours, etc.).