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Crane operators may do some or all of the following

  • check the crane's air, water, oil, fuel and other mechanical parts 
  • drive mobile cranes to and from worksites 
  • identify and control any hazards associated with lifting objects 
  • ensure lifting equipment meets required standards and is in good working order 
  • grease moving parts of the crane 
  • check the crane is set up correctly and is secure 
  • make sure the load to be lifted is within the safe lifting capacity of the crane 
  • move the load and place it in the required position
  • understand and follow directions from the dogman (who directs the crane operator from the ground, radio control or buildings).

Crane operators need to have

  • knowledge of the safety regulations that govern crane operation, such as road regulations and vehicle weight permits
  • knowledge of the weight limits for various cranes
  • knowledge of how to maintain cranes
  • knowledge of hand signals, including the ability to interpret them
  • communication skills
  • decision-making skills
  • first aid skills.

Crane operators need to be

  • responsible and careful at all times when operating a crane
  • able to work well independently and in teams
  • patient and observant.
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