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Corrections Officer » Overview

Corrections officers usually enjoy monitoring people and ensuring rules are followed. They keep an eye on everything that goes on.
Corrections Officer

Corrections officers are responsible for the safe, secure and humane containment of prisoners. They manage prisoners' sentence plans and rehabilitation programmes to help reduce reoffending. supervise prisoners' daily routine, which includes meal, work and recreation times. They patrol prison buildings and grounds and observe the behaviour of prisoners and help implement and monitor the progress of prisoners' sentence plans.

Because their work may involve working with criminals of varying degrees, they need to be able to think clearly and make good decisions. They need to be firm and able to enforce regulations and laws. They need to be good under pressure and able to cope with stressful situations. They are in charge of looking after the prisoners best interests as well as the public and ensuring that prisoners are safe and healthy. They need a high level of health and fitness and the ability to act responsibly. They are dependable and honest and need to be mature, non-judgemental and fair in their dealings with prisoners as well as assertive.