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Corporate/Government Law combines the fields of Law and Commerce.
Corporate/Government Lawyer

Corporate/government lawyers carry out or manage the legal work for a business or government organisation. They interpret how laws affect the organisation they are employed by, and advise their organisation on how they can comply with the law, as well as overseeing and managing work carried out by lawyers from outside the organisation. They offer employees and employers advice on legal matters and may be involved in mediation between people in the organisation or between the company and outside parties. They are highly trained lawyers who enjoy understanding legal matters and helping to keep companies within the laws and regulations. They keep up to date with legislation in the area the company works in, helping them to make sure they are compliant with government regulations as they change or are updated. They can go on to work in other areas of law, or set up their own practices.

Corporate or government lawyers need to be analytical, ethical and well organised. Their work involves a great deal of reading, research and reporting, along with dealing with people. They may work on correspondence and reporting or help companies develop their corporate guidelines in line with current laws.

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