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Across a variety of sectors and many media channels, copywriters are responsible for creating engaging text for people to read or spoken words to listen too.

Copywriters come up with ideas and write the content for different advertising mediums such as television, film, radio, magazines, brochures, websites and newspapers. Copywriters need to use their imagination and be able to brainstorm ideas for many different concepts, products and clientele.   

A challenging role, copywriters have to creatively convey a message which is often constrained by time and word limits. Because of the fast-paced degree of communication in today’s technology world, they also often have to do it quickly and effectively, otherwise they may miss the opportune moment for their message to be received, especially if using Facebook/Twitter or blogging.   

With people bombarded by information, marketing and advertising every day, it can be hard to get messages and information through to the target audience, so a copywriter has to really understand what makes great, thought-provoking copy, whether written or audio.   

Copywriting has essentially been around for as long as advertising has, but because of the internet and technology, now more than ever it is imperative for organisations to have finely tuned, creative and informative messaging going out to consumers and the public.