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A concierge is one of the oldest professions dating back over 800 years to medieval times. Originally, it was the role of a concierge to tend to the needs to nobility visiting castles and palaces. As the value of having a concierge was realised, employing a concierge became a status symbol of the elite.

Today, however, the most common position for a concierge is in the hospitality and tourism industry, especially high-end hotels that offer premium services and security. Yet, even most budget hotels offer an entrance attendant, assistance with luggage, message and reservations.

A hotel concierge is a customer service professional who specialises in catering to guests’ needs. The role of a concierge varies depending on their employer and position. For example, whether they are employed on a cruise ship versus a high-end resort. As a concierge you will be responsible for meeting the needs of your guests, and will also be responsible for supervising and directing the hotel porters who are rostered on during your shift. In addition, large hotels often employ a head concierge who is responsible for the performance of the junior concierges and all hotel porters. Regardless, someone employed as a concierge must have excellent communication skills, be very organised and also be able to interact well with others.