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Comedians may do some or all of the following

  • write comic material for their performances
  • tailor their act for different audiences
  • learn and rehearse their act
  • perform their act in front of an audience or on television or radio
  • write comedy for print media, radio or websites
  • publicise, promote and produce their act.

Comedians need to have

  • performance skills
  • excellent communication and people skills to ensure the audience understands their material
  • the ability to deal with a range of people
  • knowledge of human behaviour
  • public relations skills, especially if they spend a lot of time in the public eye
  • knowledge of marketing techniques
  • excellent research and writing skills for finding and preparing comic material
  • business skills if they are self-employed
  • a good memory and a sense of timing.

Some comedians may need good general knowledge and up-to-date knowledge of current events and popular culture, so they can relate well to their audience. If a comedian has a routine that is based on a persona, they may need physical comedy skills.


Comedians need to be

  • funny
  • creative
  • disciplined, motivated and reliable
  • objective
  • observant
  • confident
  • comfortable working in front of an audience and dealing with potentially negative feedback (from hecklers, for example).