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Clothing Pattern Maker/Marker and Cutter

Clothing Pattern Maker

Clothing pattern makers interpret clothing designs and measurements, draw outlines of clothing pieces and create paper patterns from them. They study and interpret drawings, written instructions or samples of clothing designs and draw the outline of clothing piece. They do this by adapting existing patterns, copying existing garments or drafting a new one. In this job, you will need a combination of practical and design skills. Usually, the designer has a specific idea in mind, so the ability to interpret their ideas is essential. Being able to communicate with the client or the designer is important, so that the patterns can be cut to their specifications. Accuracy is important, as is hand-eye co-ordination and the ability to follow instructions.

Clothing pattern makers work alongside fabric cutters and markers, designers, machinists and sometimes with models. They need an understanding of fashion and the processes of garment construction in order to do their jobs. Some clothing pattern makers go on to own their own businesses, to supervise others or to move into other areas of the garment industry, such as sales, designing or other areas of garment construction.


Clothing Pattern Marker and Cutter

Clothing markers and cutters mark and cut fabric according to a pattern. They mark the size, sewing information and codes on the fabric or worksheet. They work out how much fabric is needed and arrange pattern pieces on fabric. Clothing markers and cutters work with their clients or with designers to make the fabric pieces precisely to the patterns they provide. They need a high amount of accuracy and the ability to work with precision on small items. They need steady hands a good hand-eye co-ordination to complete their tasks.

Clothing markers and cutters do not need a high amount of study to start in their field, but are encouraged to study as they work. Often, they work with fashion clients and designers and get to see the finished garments. They work indoors in workshops and studios, using sewing equipment and other specialised tools. They work alongside supervisors, designers, pattern makers and machinists. Depending on the size and type of clothing company, the work of clothing markers and cutters may be two separate jobs. This is most likely to be the case in larger clothing factories, where the marking is often done on a computer. Alternatively, cutting may be a minor part of the job if the company is small.


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