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Clothing Designer

Clothing designers create ideas for clothing and other fashion items such as bags and belts. While most people usually assume that fashion designers are only involved in creating the idea for a piece of clothing, they are actually involved in every aspect of the process of bringing new designs to the attention of the public. For example, they create sketches of garments they visualise in their mind and create a working pattern out of cheap fabric – called a toile – to make sure that the design accurately represents their vision. Once the toile fits correctly, the designer will oversee a pattern maker in creating a paper pattern of the garment. Then, the final step of the design process takes place – creation of the finished garment in the correct material. 


Medium_logo_1.1_primary_wc_brand Maxine Wooldridge
Fashion Design Graduate

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Medium_logo_1.1_primary_wc_brand Emma Green
Fashion Design Graduate

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Medium_logo_1.1_primary_wc_brand Courtney Harper
Fashion Design Student

“I researched fashion colleges in Auckland and was advised by a prominent designer that Whitecliffe was the best choice due to its... read more »