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Chefs prepare and cook food in hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Within a commercial kitchen the executive chef is the head chef that leads the kitchen and menu planning. Depending on the size of the restaurant, they will have junior chefs, or sous chefs, to assist them. Executive chefs responsibilities includes creating dishes and deciding what items will appear on the menu. Once this has been decided they will assign tasks to their junior chefs – including prepping ingredients before the restaurant opens, and preparing the dishes during a service. Therefore, executive chefs are responsible for training their staff, and for maintaining the kitchen team so that things run smoothly. As dishes are being prepared, they make sure that the food leaving the kitchen is up to standard. They may also need to order any food and equipment for the kitchen. 


Medium_screen_shot_2013-05-30_at_9.29.09_am Dorothy Kuno
Cookery Student

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Medium_martin_1 Martin Harrap
Apprentice Trainer & Coordinator

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