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You know how great it is when you ring a call centre and you get the most helpful, friendly person on the other end of the phone? That awesome person could be you!
Call Centre Operator

Call Centre Operator 

Customer call centre representatives answer phone calls about their organisation's products or services. And this is what makes one call centre completely different from another because you could be working in telecommunications, travel, public service or finance, the list really does go on across pretty much every industry you can think of.

To succeed in your role as a customer call centre representative you need to know all about the organisation you work for so you can be as helpful as possible and be able to answer a wide variety of questions.

You will also find that many kinds of people ring call centres, different ages, backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities – so to be a great customer service representative you need to be patient, understanding and considerate.

A call centre representative may also deal with customer complaints, or sell goods or services, so sometimes more action is required than purely speaking on the phone. You may need to put orders through, follow up with another department for more information and some call centres also make outbound calls.


Helpdesk Operator

Helpdesk operators provide assistance for computer users who are having difficulty with their computers. They receive, diagnose and solve most user queries by telephone.



Telemarketing representatives promote or sell goods or services to people and companies by telephone.


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