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Bus Driver/Coach Driver » Overview

A bus or coach driver never has to worry about being stuck in an office! Every day they get to meet a variety of people, travel, and provide an important service to the public.
Bus Driver/Coach Driver

Bus/coach drivers can have a variety of opportunities from driving for public transport providers, tourism companies that operate tours or private charter companies that may hire out transport for sporting teams or other large groups. Often bus drivers have to deal with situations outside of their control, and being able to remain positive and calm is a very important part of being in charge of a bus full of people. Depending on their responsibilities, a bus driver has quite a few options which can make the job interesting and challenging for many years.

For those who are confident and love interacting with people, they could be tour bus drivers, taking visitors around their local town or city. For further travel opportunities, tour drivers take people nationwide and often have the responsibility of looking after the group’s overall experience and wellbeing.

A bus driver for a public transport provider does shift work, but as bus services are almost 24 hours, this can be helpful for suiting a variety of living arrangements and there is never any unplanned overtime stuck at the office!

Private charter companies hire out coaches, often of a high standard, to large groups that have specific transport needs. For example, the All Blacks need to get from the airport to their hotel, and then to the ground for their game!  

If you are interested in becoming a bus driver you will need a heavy vehicle licence. The first step is to pass the theory test for the correct class of bus (either class 2 for medium rigid vehicles below 18000kg or class 4 for heavy rigid vehicles above 18000kg). You will then need to take a practical test and get apassenger (P) endorsement on your licence.