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Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers use maths, engineering and biology to understand how the body works and to solve health care problems. They may design, build and maintain medical equipment, or develop artificial body parts, drugs or computer programs to help treat disabilities, diseases, or injuries. They are highly trained and work alongside medical technicians, product designers and medical staff in their day-to-day work. Usually, they work indoors in laboratories or workshops. They are interested in how things work and applying their practical knowledge and problem solving ability to the biomedical field.

It is a rewarding job, especially when you see the results in the real world, such as devices for people with sleep apnoea or even life-saving equipment. In their work, they may use a variety of specialised tools and equipment. It is a field that is growing fast as new technology and knowledge comes to light. It is an exciting field to work in. Biomedical engineers are usually systems minded and enjoy creating practical things. They may move on to other areas of engineering or to train others.