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Bar managers may do some or all of the following

  • stocktake, order and price liquor and food
  • serve customers
  • recruit, train and supervise staff
  • organise the staff roster
  • carry out administrative duties such as ensuring staff wages are paid
  • handle cash and bank the daily takings
  • carry out accounting and budgeting tasks
  • set price levels, organise promotions and other entertainment
  • uphold liquor laws such as making sure there are no under-age drinkers on the premises
  • see that any intoxicated people are removed from the premises
  • discipline staff when necessary
  • ensure that health and safety requirements are upheld
  • carry out maintenance work.

Bar managers need to have

  • knowledge of various types of liquor and liquor licensing laws
  • knowledge of local services such as taxis and dial-a-driver
  • business management skills, including knowledge of budgeting, accounting and marketing strategies
  • excellent people and customer service skills
  • organisational and planning skills.

Bar managers need to be

  • friendly, understanding, honest and responsible
  • confident, tactful and observant
  • able to work well under pressure.