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Bank Manager

Bank managers are responsible for the overall development and performance of their branch and staff, ensuring quality service, business growth and profitability targets. Therefore, successful bank managers are skilled in human resource training and development, marketing, customer service, bookkeeping and computing.

Each bank manager is responsible for staffing, which involves hiring personnel. They must make sure that their employees have the right qualifications for the role and also possess the right personality traits that will allow them to fit in at the bank.

Once employees are hired, they must be trained. This might involve delegating training to another employee, developing new training programmes, or outsourcing training. Bank managers must also be aware that training must be ongoing and look for ways to keep their employees happy and skilled.

It is also vital that banks keep their customers happy by providing services that are desired. A bank manager may be involved in developing new marketing campaigns to bring new customers to the bank, as well as making sure that existing customers are informed of the services that the bank has to offer.