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Auditors examine the financial statements of companies or organisations and provide an opinion on whether the statements give a true and fair view of their financial performance and position. They may also be employed to assess the level of efficiency present in the business in terms of efficient use of labour and other resource associated with the business. Once they have evaluated a company, they make recommendations regarding processes that negatively affect the company. Auditors may be employed within a company, though most professional auditors are independent, meaning that the audit will be free of bias from office politics and personal relationships, as might be the case with an internal audit. 

Medium_eva_ng Eva Ng
Assistant Auditor

My career with Audit New Zealand began in the summer of 2008-2009 with the Summer Internship Programme. This was a valuable experience and I... read more »

Medium_imagegen Michelle Williams

Study What did you study? I have a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University, majoring in marketing and... read more »

Medium_screen_shot_2016-06-07_at_10.45.14_am Amy Maclaine
Audit Analyst

My current role/study progression: I am currently working as an audit analyst at Deloitte, Auckland.    Day-to-day... read more »