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Art Therapist

Art therapists help clients to restore health and balance to the mind and body through the use of art materials within a therapeutic environment. The goal of art therapy is to promote psychological and physical wellbeing and this is achieved through the creation of artworks. An art therapist will assess a client to determine whether art therapy is likely to be a suitable form of treatment. If it is suitable, the therapist will either select a form of therapy for the individual, or let them choose their own preferred material. Art therapists will then provide guidance to the client and, once the artwork is complete, they may discuss it with the client.  

Art therapists work in conjunction with other healthcare specialists such as doctors and therapists to work help people deal with emotional problems, deal with trauma, or help those with disabilities. The act of creating artworks is thought to help people gain personal insights into their own problems and develop their self-esteem and communication skills. It may also provide clients with a sense of control over their lives.