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Architects may do some or all of the following

  • examine the proposed building site
  • analyse clients' requirements
  • discuss design ideas, local authority requirements, and constraints with the client
  • create designs and prepare drawings for houses and other buildings
  • specify materials to be used
  • advise clients on building procedures and costs
  • apply for building and resource consents
  • oversee construction projects to ensure plans, budgets and time constraints have been complied with
  • plan exterior spaces and landscaping
  • plan interior decoration
  • run their own businesses.

Architects need to have

  • knowledge of different styles of architecture
  • knowledge of relevant legislation including the New Zealand Building Code, the New Zealand Building Act, the Resource Management Act and local by-laws, consent procedures and planning regulations
  • knowledge of building methods and materials, including how various materials, such as steel and wood, perform in different situations
  • ability to visualise buildings and spaces (to translate clients' ideas into reality)
  • design and artistic skills, including knowledge of colour theory and texture
  • skill in different drawing and presentation techniques
  • computer skills
  • technical ability
  • knowledge of maths and physics
  • planning and organisational skills
  • good business and communication skills
  • knowledge of various cultures and lifestyles.

Architects need to be

  • creative
  • practical
  • patient, with an eye for detail
  • good at listening
  • able to make good judgements
  • able to work well under pressure and accept criticism.
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