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An arborist, also called a tree doctor, diagnoses, treats, and maintains trees for clients.

The definition of an arborist includes one with specific knowledge to identify pests and diseases known to affect the health of trees and shrubs. Essentially, arborists are involved in maintaining the health of trees and woody shrubs. This can involve many different responsibilities such as pruning and shaping foliage or treating the tree for blight or pests that are threatening to kill the tree. Some arborists may choose to specialise in certain types of trees or conditions.

Medium_chrissy_spence_arborist Chrissy Spence

Chrissy Spence is one of New Zealand’s few female arborists. Watch the slideshow below to see how she and her boss remove a tree from a... read more »

Medium_mt218642 Julian Emeny
Team Manager Arboriculture

Ever since Julian Emeny was a schoolboy, trees have been important to him. He now manages the team at Wellington City Council, which looks after... read more »