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Airman - Combat Operational Support » Overview

Interested in delivering aviation fuel, safeguard lives & equipment or protect against sabotage & terrorism then you can be these.
Airman - Combat Operational Support

Aviation Refueller

As a member of the Aviation Refueller trade, you’ll be required to receipt aviation fuel into base bulk storage tanks, perform fuel quality control and testing tasks, and deliver aviation fuel into a range of RNZAF and visiting aircraft.

You will perform the same tasks away from base when deployed in support of RNZAF aircraft operating anywhere in New Zealand or overseas.

Driving light and heavy vehicles will be part of your daily activities, and you will be required to perform some minor first line motor vehicle servicing and valet tasks.


Force Protection^

As a member of our Force Protection staff, you’ll help protect Air Force assets during peacetime and on operations. On base, you’ll be responsible for providing and assisting with routine security patrols. During operational deployments your responsibilities will involve providing ground defence and physical security for Air Force sites, aircraft and personnel, including incident response.

Some Force Protection personnel will also receive training as dog handlers to work with military working dogs.

All Force Protection personnel receive training as investigators and fulfil a number of Service police functions. You may also be involved with the general military training of recruits and Officers, and instructing and providing advice on drill and ceremonial matters for the Air Force.


Aviation Refueller

As an Air Force Fire-fighter, you will be responsible for maintaining operations in the base Fire Sections. These are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A challenging job both physically and mentally, the training you will receive will teach you how to control yourself and your surroundings. Physically, you will get the time to increase your strength and stamina, utilising the base gym and gym staff to meet your outputs. Mentally, Continuation Training programmes are provided and designed to give you the knowledge to make the right decisions in dangerous situations. However, it is the camaraderie that is second to none as trust and teamwork are values held high in the trade.

To be part of the team we don’t expect you to be the best but to give your best. It is as a team that we will be the best.


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^NZDF typically require a number of quality applicants for this trade on a regular basis.