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Flight Steward

Basic Training

Upon successful enlistment into the Air Force you’ll be posted to RNZAF Base Woodbourne (near Blenheim). Here you’ll do 12 weeks of basic military training to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be in the Air Force, and learn various subjects including:

  • Organisation and Administration
  • RNZAF Customs and Protocol
  • Drill and Parades
  • Military Field Skills and Weapon Training
  • First Aid, and Search and Rescue Techniques
  • Physical Fitness

Job Training

Once you have completed Basic Training, Corporal Qualifying Course and NAC, it is time for your trade specific training to commence. This is your Flight Steward Conversion Course. This is held at No. 40 Squadron, RNZAF Base Auckland. On completion of this course, you will be awarded your Flight Steward Brevet and be officially qualified as a Flight Steward on the B757 aircraft. This course divided into two Phases; a ground phase and a flying phase.

The Ground Phase contains four weeks of theory providing you with background information to enable you to commence with your flying phase.

Topics covered are:

  • Emergency equipment and procedures
  • Aircraft systems
  • Passenger first-aid
  • Manuals and documentation
  • Aircraft equipment
  • Aircraft configurations
  • Baggage and handling procedures
  • VIP procedures
  • Catering and hygiene
  • Passenger service

The flying phase is where the fun starts and you take to the skies! It will consolidate the training you have received to date and put the theory you have learnt into practice. You will complete approximately 50 hours of flying including national and international flights.

You will receive training and on-the-job experience in the following duties:

  • Flight steward flying duties encompassing in-flight passenger safety and comfort, and pre and post-flight duties
  • Organisation and co-ordination of catering requirements for crew and passengers
  • Liaison between RNZAF and external agencies for requirements
  • such as task changes, catering and transport
  • The implementation of emergency procedures and equipment

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