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Love to fly military planes, participate in surveillance or parachute down to earth ??
Airman - Aviation

Air Warfare Specialist*

As an Air Warfare Specialist your primary role is to utilise the P-3K2 Orion’s highly advanced sensor systems to collect and analyse information in the aircraft’s area of interest. To achieve this, you’ll be responsible for the effective operation of a number of high-tech onboard systems including the radar, electronic surveillance, electro-optics, magnetic anomaly detector and acoustic sensor systems.

Your role will include processing, analysing, classifying and filtering the information gathered prior to it being used by your fellow crew members to aid in the tactical employment of our aircraft and to guide civilian and military response units. You will be involved in a range of tasks including Search and Rescue Operations, Military Operations, Fisheries Patrols, Airborne Surveillance and Military Exercises.

You will also be expected to carry out tasks common to all aircrew positions, including flying support, human and crew resource management, teamwork, mission support, and aircraft-related tasks such as monitoring of aircraft systems and emergency procedures.


Parachute Jump Instructor

Jumping out of a plane can be a challenge for some people – for you it comes with the territory. In the course of your duties as a PJI, you will be required to teach members of the New Zealand Defence Force to make descents ranging from 800 to 12,000 feet in various situations. One day, you could be teaching pilots and other aircrew how to handle parachutes should they need to bail out, the next day you could be teaching Army personnel how to descend into enemy territory.

You will act as a dispatcher for parachuting sorties, carry out drop zone safety officer duties, and conduct display descents as part of the RNZAF Parachute Display Team, Kiwi Blue.


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*NZDF typically require a number of quality applicants for this trade on a regular basis.