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Aircraft refuellers may do some or all of the following

  • follow schedules that tell them what aircraft they will be refuelling for the day and what time the aircraft will arrive
  • check and maintain the vehicles that transport fuel
  • fill aircraft with fuel from vehicles
  • regularly check fuels for contaminants such as water
  • observe strict safety requirements when filling aircraft and transporting fuel.

Aircraft refuellers need to have

  • a range of practical and maintenance skills
  • experience using relevant tools, equipment and machinery
  • knowledge of safety rules and regulations that apply when working at an airport, and driving on tarmacs and runways
  • good communication skills.

Aircraft refuellers need to be

  • motivated, responsible and reliable
  • quick-thinking
  • able to make good judgements and work well under pressure
  • accurate, methodical and patient in their work.