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Aircraft engineers may do some or all of the following

  • regularly check the engines, airframe (body of an aircraft) and mechanical systems of aircraft
  • inspect aircraft, look for and diagnose faults
  • repair or replace faulty parts
  • replace parts that have to be changed after being in use for a certain length of time
  • test parts to make sure they work
  • service aircraft
  • keep records of repairs
  • follow set procedures
  • have all work inspected and approved by licensed aircraft engineers.

Aircraft engineers need to have

  • knowledge of the structure of aircraft mechanical systems (including jet and propeller engines), and hydraulic and pneumatic (compressed air) systems in aircraft
  • an understanding of how aircraft fly (aerodynamics) and how metals react during flight
  • an understanding of the maintenance requirements of the aircraft they are servicing
  • the ability to diagnose and solve mechanical problems
  • excellent mechanical and technical skills
  • knowledge of approved repair techniques and procedures
  • knowledge of aircraft safety rules and safe work practices.

Aircraft engineers need to be

  • practical and efficient
  • methodical and logical
  • careful and patient
  • able to work well under pressure, and make good judgements
  • have an eye for detail
  • able to take responsibility for one's work
Medium_mt257837 Andrew Smith
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Thousands of different components and hundreds of tonnes of metal require the detailed attention of Andrew Smith and his fellow aircraft... read more »