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Air Traffic Controller » Overview

Air traffic controllers direct the safe and orderly movement of aircraft while they are flying, landing, taking off and taxiing.
Air Traffic Controller

You've just landed at the destination where you'll find all the information you need to help your future take off!  Air Traffic Control is an exciting career that provides an impressive mix of challenge, opportunity and reward.

In New Zealand, ATCs manage our 30 million square kilometres of airspace and ensure safe passage for more than 1 million flights into and around the country’s 18 international, regional and military airports. They work flexible shift hours at control towers and radar centres throughout the country.

When you begin your career as an ATC you'll initially gain experience and grow your abilities working at a regional control tower.  You’re then on a career path towards multiple opportunities – Airways has an excellent range of avenues available to advance your career.  Besides working as an operational controller, you could design ATC systems and procedures, train new controllers or move into a management role. 

And, because the ATC qualification is recognised internationally, you'll have the opportunity to travel and work in many other countries around the world.

It’s one of the best careers in aviation – this is a career choice that really does give you wings!
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