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Advertising art directors may do some or all of the following

  • receive an advertising brief that includes the background of the client, product or service, and the objectives of the advertising
  • discuss with the client their product, and what the advertising medium is
  • research the product, client or service
  • think up advertising ideas for print, television or direct mail in partnership with a copywriter and/or other members of the creative team
  • ensure the ideas are appropriate to the client's brand
  • create a visual sequence (storyboard) for television advertisements
  • present some of the drafts and ideas to the client
  • discuss with the client what idea they like and any changes they want
  • negotiate contracts with people involved in the advertising process such as photographers, talent (people featuring in advertisements), television directors and other production workers
  • co-ordinate the production of the advertising.

Advertising art directors need to have

  • knowledge of how an advertising agency operates, including advertising, promotional, printing and production methods
  • knowledge of the media and the best types of media to use for different advertising situations
  • understanding of various cultures, human behaviour and thought
  • good general knowledge as their work can involve a variety of subjects
  • knowledge of art materials and techniques, including how to use colour and design effectively
  • layout, design and computer skills, including the ability to use computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • excellent communication skills for presenting and selling ideas to clients
  • good people skills, including listening and negotiation skills
  • good time management, planning and budgeting skills
  • analytical skills for determining clients' needs
  • research skills for finding out about market trends, and the products and services they are helping to sell.

Advertising art directors need to be

  • creative and imaginative
  • observant, with an eye for detail
  • able to keep information private 
  • patient and understanding
  • able to work well under pressure.
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