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Admissions officers may do some or all of the following

  • answer telephone calls
  • book patients into hospitals, and give them information about the admission process
  • record patients' personal and health details
  • maintain and check hospital waiting lists
  • write letters to patients about appointments and their treatment
  • answer basic patient queries about treatment and care
  • allocate rooms for patients
  • organise day and overnight lists of patients.

Admissions officers need to have

  • knowledge of hospital and staff routines
  • knowledge of the medical services provided by the hospital
  • knowledge of booking procedures and timetables
  • understanding of basic medical terms and how they are spelled
  • planning and organisational skills
  • communication and people skills
  • clerical skills, including telephone and keyboard skills
  • computer skills.

Admissions officers need to be

  • friendly and patient in their dealings with patients and their families
  • empathetic and level-headed
  • accurate
  • able to keep information private
  • understanding of a range of cultures
  • able to work well independently and under pressure.