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Administration Officer » Overview

Can you balance dinner plates on your head while juggling apples and bananas? If so – you would be the perfect administrator. You don’t quite have to have the skills to perform circus tricks, but it definitely helps to be able to multi-task!
Administration Officer

Administrators are an extremely important part of the day to day functioning of any organisation or business. Administration job duties will vary between companies, but the basic role of an administrator is to ensure a variety of tasks are looked after.

Organisation is a big part of an administrator’s role as they will often be in charge of filing, looking after calendars for individual’s schedules and events and preparing anything from staff morning teas to important client meetings.  

Becoming an administrator is a great way to get into a specific industry or sector that you might be interested in, as often the administrator ends up knowing a lot more about the day to day functioning of the company than anyone else in the organisation!

The working day of an administrator is usually varied and challenging, as you could be supporting many people at one time who need tasks completed, as well as ensuring the usual daily jobs are completed, like mail, data entry and stock orders.

Also, when something urgent comes up, administrators may need to drop what they are doing and then be able to pick it up again at a later time. Because of this, administrators need to have very good attention to detail, to make sure they don’t forget to do something on their very long ‘to do’ list. 

Administrators can become one of the most valuable staff members in an organisation, taking on tasks that don’t fit under anyone else’s job description, knowing how each department functions and understanding the processes for how things are managed.