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Actuaries may do some or all of the following

  • collect and analyse statistics about past financial events
  • forecast the effect of future financial events
  • analyse and solve business problems using mathematical and statistical modelling techniques
  • give advice to businesses and government on managing financial and other business risks
  • prepare reports and advise on insurance, investment, superannuation and management of funds
  • calculate the assets and liabilities of insurance companies, and determine their financial strength
  • help develop new financial and insurance services
  • help to determine a company's financial results

Actuaries need to have

  • knowledge of maths, statistics, economics, accounting, finance and investment
  • skill in analysing information, including the ability to interpret and draw conclusions from results
  • understanding of the risks involved in running a business
  • knowledge of business management and law, including economic and social law
  • knowledge of computer software, including databases, spreadsheets, presentation programs and programming languages
  • communication skills
  • report-writing skills
  • problem-solving and decision-making skills

Actuaries need to be

  • highly motivated
  • detail oriented
  • accurate and methodical
  • careful to come up with the best solutions to solve their clients' problems
  • they also need to have good common sense.
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