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The road to becoming a successful actor is long and hard and actors will often have to suffer a number of knock-backs before they land a role. It’s safe to say that the industry is notorious for being difficult to crack. However, studying acting is useful for preparing you for your future career as an actor. You will learn about the mental and physical demands of acting and well as being exposed to the different opportunities within the field. In addition, if you are interested in theatre, many professional companies prefer to cast actors who have gone through an accredited training programme.

Prior Work Experience

Experience as an actor is very important to building a career as an actor. Community theatre is a good way to gain experience and confidence as an actor. Alternatively, if you are interested in television and film acting, you may want to look at getting an agent to help you get auditions for roles. Whatever area of acting you are interested in be prepared to start out as an actor or in supporting roles before you get cast as a lead.