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There is a variety of work that could be done by an accounting clerk and it depends on the type of orgainsation or business.


Accounting clerks may do some or all of the following

  • establish, manage and look after accounting systems
  • maintain records of transactions made by the organisation or company they work for
  • prepare accounts, statements, invoices and tax returns
  • provide information on their organisation or company's management and financial systems for financial reporting purposes
  • prepare budgets, plans and cash flow forecasts
  • prepare and write financial and management reports
  • assist chartered accountants with audits

Accounting clerks need to have

  • knowledge of financial systems and how businesses operate
  • knowledge of accounting, budgeting, forecasting and tax processes
  • knowledge of information technology and information systems, including financial reporting software
  • excellent communication skills
  • skill in analysing information
  • good numeracy skills
  • planning skills
  • a high standard of professional ethics.

Accounting clerks need to be

  • accurate and methodical, with an eye for detail
  • well organised
  • motivated
  • able to work well under pressure
  • adaptable and willing to take on a variety of tasks
  • able to work with a variety of people. 
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