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Geeking Out

This week Monday to Friday has been Career Week at Each day covered a different theme detailing five different groups of New Zealand industries. Friday's articles relate to Information Technology and Telecommunications – the so-called ‘geek’ industries.

Statistics New Zealand’s Household Labour Force Survey for the quarter ending September (2013) showed that the number of people employed in New Zealand increased by 1.2% over the last quarter. Employment has risen 2.4% on the last year. These figures suggest steady improvement in the labour market. Good news for school leavers and Graduates!

Even better news for those entering into the IT industry – Stuff reported that skilled IT workers are so sought after that salaries have surpassed those of doctors positions advertised on Trade Me. IT jobs account for over 15% of jobs listed on, and Careers NZ outlines a number of IT jobs that are currently on New Zealand’s skill shortage lists.


Make the most of the skills shortage

Studying Software Engineering or Computer Science is the traditional route into IT. However, people who have studied Engineering, Science and Business studies can also find job opportunities. IT is applied in a wide range of different industries, so it is important to understand how to apply technical skills to customers.

While qualifications are important, some companies have been known to hire people who do not hold a degree, but who have excellent practical skills. These are the sorts of people who code and create for the love of it.