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The Government Helping Make Career Choices Easy?

The New Zealand government has been providing several pieces of research on suggested career paths New Zealand secondary school students should be considering when leaving school, both those requiring study and those that don't.

One covered by Stuff is a report created by the Ministry of Business and Innovation. The Occupation Outlook report provides information about what careers are going to be in demand, the different levels of salary and the costs involved in obtaining the qualifications required for that career path.

These reports are interesting as they are current pulse of the job market, looking at what the shortages have been and the best estimates of what the shortages will be. Does this suggest that students should consider moving into a career they are not interested in order to meet economic needs? Will a student who studies a subject they are not driven to succeed in be successful? 

There are risks in providing this information. It needs to be a carefully managed process to ensure people are not discouraged from studying a subject they love or striving for a career they have dreamt of. Steven Joyce is the perfect example of where you can go with a non mainstream degree... Zoology to Member of Parliment, owning a media company along the way.