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About School Connect

About Us

SchoolConnect was founded in 2012 by Robert Milne and Tim Watts the Co-founders of the successful tertiary careers and employment website – GradConnection New Zealand. The concept of SchoolConnect was born from the idea of providing New Zealand secondary students with a complete resource for helping them make a very important decision at a crucial point in their lives. We wanted the site to be simple and user-friendly leaving secondary school leavers to choose from three key directions: Study, Careers or Jobs.
The study area of the website provides students with a comprehensive platform to research the vast number of subjects they can study at a tertiary institute, from Engineering and Accounting right through to Hair and Beauty. Each subject area has a dedicated information page explaining what the subject is, where students can study it, the entry requirements to get into the course, case studies of students currently or who have studied the subject, where studying a subject could take students. (i.e. career opportunities) and other information that would prove helpful to a student making a decision.
The work area of the website contains information on a wide range of occupations, from entry level roles to occupations that require a significant level of training or study. Every occupation has an information page talking about the occupation, entry requirements/ways to get into the occupation (what study, if any, needs to be done - apprenticeship or cadetship opportunities), case studies of individuals currently in the job and other information that would prove helpful to a student making a decision.
This feature ensures that students know what youth job opportunities are out there. Listings include entry level, apprenticeship, cadetships and part-time jobs with large national employers through to small employer in the regions. 

About our Founders


Robert Milne & Tim Watts

In 2009 Rob and Tim embarked on transforming the way organisations promote and communicate career opportunities to tertiary talent across New Zealand. Over the past five years their website has become the number one ranked dedicated graduate employment website in New Zealand. The website now helps tens of thousands of Kiwi students each month with researching and evaluating their career options as they prepare to complete their tertiary studies. Rob and Tim have also been instrumental in the formation of New Zealand Association of Graduate Employers Incorporated championing New Zealand employers to hire youth into their organisations.  
Before starting their entrepreneurial endeavors Rob and Tim were both accountants at big four Chartered Accountancy practices, KPMG and PWC. Both are regularly sought after for their opinions and insights on the graduate employment market by media and organisations alike. Both are Victoria University of Wellington graduates, Rob holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration and Bachelor of Science and Tim a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce & Administration. SchoolConnect is an AttractHQ business.